katiethefairy asked:
Heyy, I was wondering... There was a picture that you posted with tons of keif and something about a putting a penny in your grinder? How does that work?


It makes more keif. Breaks the bud down. Nickels are better but my grinder is too small

Also the stick in freezer trick and the magic weed faeries comes and grind your weed to make kief men and kief balls to have kief ball fights. It’s pretty neat.

A klusterfuk of dabs. Stardawg Guava live resin. Ghost OG live resin. Durban Poison X Bubba Kush budder. Phish head OG X Bubba Kush budder. All from the clinic. Cheers from the mile high city.

This times one thousand. 

Hola awesome stoners

So I’ve been really busy at work as of late so I haven’t been able to post much but I work at a dispensary soooo.. lemme know if there’s any requests of anything you would like to see :) cheers


Jelly Fish showerhead bubbler by Matt A Glass
Slightly cleaner rig